Monday, September 24, 2018

Bey Bee Wet Wipes and Bey Bee Bed Protector Sheet Review

Just a few years ago, there were only a few known baby brands. But these days we are swamped with so many brands, that it is tough deciding what brands are safe for your baby. That is how I have come to rely on other moms and their recommendations. You see advertisements can bluff, but moms will tell it as it is.

I had been seeing this brand called Bey Bee for quite some time. I wanted to start small so I picked two simple products. One is Bey Bee wet wipes and other is Bey Bee Waterproof Bed Protector.

Sleeping is one time when the baby wears a diaper for the longest time. And although they are not active, they still tend to sweat the most when they are sleeping which makes the diaper a questionable option. Since it lends the skin un-breathable. What are your other options? A protective sheet on the bed.

Remember the time when there were the Rubber sheets as bed protectors, or even worse plastic? So much for India's tropical climate! Well there is an interesting alternative to all that now. What I mean is Bey Bee Water Proof Bed Protectors. And this is definitely much better as this is cloth with a protective, absorbent lining. These are soft since it is basically cloth to the feel plus they are washable. And they come in growing size so you can use this till the child is five or so.

Wet wipes are simple enough as concepts if you are a grown up, you use them, you toss them. But if you are using it for the baby, it is your duty to know what goes into the making of the product. The Bey Bee wet wipes are better because they are alcohol and paraben free. These chemicals are added as cleaning and disinfecting agents, however they are not safe for baby's sensitive skin. Why is this important? See, it's because whenever you are using a wet wipe it is not just superficial cleaning, it opens up the pores and some of the liquid gets absorbed by the skin.

These are great to carry in your bag as they have fliptop covers so unlike usual wipes that have resealable duct tape style cover, where the tape just starts to loosen out, and the wipes starts to dry out, this lid keeps the wipes wet for a very long time.

These sheets and wet wipes seem great to me. Since, I am the kind of person who believes in certifications and stuff, it helps that these SGS certified from Australia. Have you tried this brand? What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Good baby water wipes for new born babies, go for it.

  2. I love that the wipes are alcohol and paraben free! So good for baby

  3. We used a waterproof mattress pad. It helped a protect the mattress but it also absorbed any wetness.

  4. this is best brand for babies.

  5. I love baby products with basic, safe ingredients. Thank you for sharing this disccovery

  6. This is a great products to use. Sharing this a friend of mine.