Sunday, August 19, 2018

Best Barbies in India

Even since my own childhood I have been a huge Barbie fan. A rarity in those days, the toy was very endeared and the legacy has continued. There is nothing foreign about this tall, blonde doll but as you can see the doll has her own Indian avatar too. Anyway are a few favourites that my daughter now has. I will also suggest a few sets that I personally like.

The Fashionista

There are many interesting pieces that your child (or you,) can enjoy for the dress up.

Here are our experiments...

The Barbie Iron On Style

This one is your regular Barbie. It includes three mix and match dresses including the one she is wearing plus a hanger of a sort. The iron has good detail but instead could have been smaller with an ironing board to go along. There are also a few stickers that can be ironed onto the dresses.

Barbie Bedroom Furniture Set

The set includes the bed, real bedsheet, the lamp and side table. The other things like the chandelier, the kitten and the cushion are not real. They are part of the picture printed on the cardboard and the TV is also a removable cardboard addition.

The Other Barbie Sets

The Rapunzel
The doll is beautiful. However, in case of our doll the dress is part of the doll and not a wear-on. Our set also did not include the frog. The hair is calf length for the doll.

The Accessories

We have all been tempted to add the interesting array of accessories and sets that the Barbie company keeps adding. My recent favourite is these automobiles. The automobiles can fit the dolls. The moped has more accessories where as the car can fit two dolls.

What is Best About Barbie?

The plastic is still best quality not only in appearance but also if little chew on them, these residue will not be dangerous.

The endless mix and match possibilities.

What is your opinion about the Barbie dreamhouse?

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