Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Eco-friendly Everyday Products Available in India

So for the longest times I have been thinking of living a more ecofriendly life. But thanks to the urban lifestyle it cannot get much beyond avoiding plastic, and recycling paper and planting a few trees in my balcony. And of course recycles and upcycles are better , such as why buy a dozen of grocery bags when you can easily make one out of leftover pillow covers?

But really one can't help but feel that this is not enough. There are still things that we toss out daily, monthly or at some such regular frequency. However, there are a few products that we can switch with their ecofriendly counterparts. They may have escaped your notice in the crowd of famous brands, so here is some some plastic items you can quickly replace.

Bamboo Toothbrush

While my father has been recommending the datoon (neem twigs also available online btw,) to one and all, I wish to settle for the bamboo toothbrush. A plastic toothbrush is such an everyday commodity, that hardly anyone thinks about using them and tossing them every few months. But these toothbrushes are tossed in tons and disposed off in the ocean without a care where they have been destroying the ecosystem systematically. So this simple change can make a simple impact. A bristles are still plastic but the rest is bamboo.

Neem Comb

Combs and brushes are yet another item that people use and throw. Although combs might be not be as thrown away as frequently as toothbrushes but they are still regularly disposed (mine just go to the parallel universe where socks and pins disappear to! :)) 

So this Neem Comb would be a good product to add to your home. These last just as long and plus it is said that the friction caused by rubbing plastic on your scalp is not good good for the scalp not for the hair strands. But using a neemwood comb is gentle on the scalp and good for the hair health.

Stainless Steel Shaving Razor

The shaving razor is a good example of how we fall prey to packaging and promotions. Remember as a child when your father had these and they would hardly ever need to buy a new razor but just change the blades.

Well how did they convince the men to buy these plastic razors every few days? So we thought of going back to this option. My husband says he feels no difference using either of the razors. So if that's the case why not use the one that will do the environment some good.


When we were younger we constantly experimented with the toothpastes, we wanted the one with stripes, gels and colours, and resisted our parents urge to give our teeth with the humble Vicco Vajradanti powder rinse.

But now we have switched to using the toothpaste brands that have been made ethically and with natural ingredients. (The ingredients are listed on the cartons.) So we have been choosing a variety from Namboodri, to Meswak to of course the old Dabur ones.

Disposable Plates For Parties & Picnics

South Indians have always preferred their banana leaves over ceramic dishes but if you live in a place where banana leaves are inaccessible to you why not go for the equally good Areca leaves disposable plates?

It must be some predilection but food tastes incredibly tasty in these plates. 

You may think the old Indian fascination with eco-friendly solutions is fast disappearing. But one city, Pune, continues to aspire for that exactly. The jute bag for veggies on the right is absolutely ingenious, isn't it? I don't see it anywhere in other cities but I plan to buy it the next time I go to Pune.

Ecofriendly living takes a lot of conscious effort, especially living in a society that rewards hoarding behaviour. And if we demand these products I don't see the harm in buying them because it simply means planting more trees while avoiding a lot of plastic use.


  1. I've always wanted to be more ecofriendly as well... I've seen similar bamboo toothbrush products in the US but the other products on your list are new to me! I'll have to check them out!

  2. Born and brought up in India have always used disposable plates for parties as they are eco-friendly and recycling too...Haven't heard about the neem comb though sounds interesting :)

  3. Neem comb sounds interesting, have never heard or tried as well. Disposable plates and bamboo brush , we are already using!

  4. I love the Neem Comb and the Disposable Plates, they sounds interesting! It's always important to take care of the planet

  5. Yes! Such a good idea... better to cut down on our carbon footprints and try to help the planet rather than destroy it! I've never seen this neem comb before, great ideas! Thanks for sharing!