Saturday, January 13, 2018

Zafran Restaurant, Mirdiff City Centre, Dubai, Review

 Cuisine: Indian
Food rating: 8/10
Ambience rating: 8/10

When we move to a new place or country you always assume that you are going to explore the place, discover the culture or taste new food. But then you fall into a routine and all of the plans get sidetracked. 

So for my birthday we decided to go to this place, Zafran. We always passed by Zafran, which means saffron by the way, and although curious never went in.

We had always loved the ambience of the place. The walls are lit with orange, red and yellow, the colours of saffron, but the lighting is defused giving it a cosy feel. 

For our starters, we ordered a Vegetarian Grilled Sizzler which was smoky and had good mix of veggies. And next we ordered Pulav because the quantity of our starter was filling for three people. The vegetarian Pulav was good too,  aromatic and well made, (although they can go easy on the French beans.) and the quantity was a little less. Other than this no issues.
Zafran makes a good host, the staff is warm and helping. The food is delicious and the setting is great too.

In the urban landscape, where everything is brightly lit and crowded, to go to a calm, lovely place where you can spend peaceful time with your family is rare. Zafran scores good points here. I would definitely recommend it and will be back to explore more.

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