Monday, January 15, 2018

Soft Chewy Tilgul Diamond Sesame Vadi Recipe

This tilgul laddoo is traditionally exchanged on the day of Makarsankranti, the day when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn. But even if you are not into traditions this is a good recipe to try because it is so easy to make and it tastes so yummy!

2 cups of sesame
1/4 kilo of peanuts
1/4 kilo of jaggery
4-5 tsp of ghee or clarified butter

Roast the white sesame on sim only till it looks slightly pearlish in yellowness. Next roast the peanut till it changes colour. Keep stirring them so that they don’t get burned on some sides. Let it cool. Once it is dry, you can remove the skin but it is better if you keep it because it is supposed to be healthy. Then run it in a blender till you get a fine powder, but don’t blend it till it has lumps. Don't grind the sesame.

Now cut the jaggery or break it into smaller lumps. It won’t exactly cut but it will become soft and will easily melt.  For the laddoo you will need the kind of jaggery that will break out from the lump if you try to break with your fingers.

In a large kadhai, pour 4-5 tsps. of ghee, let it melt on low heat. Then add the jaggery. Stir the jaggery continuously so that it doesn’t burn. Once the jaggery has completely melted in the ghee, switch the stove off. Now add the peanut powder and mix it with a spatula. Next add the roasted sesame and mix well. Apply some ghee to a steel dish, and pour the mix. Spread it across the dish and pat for it to settle evenly.

TIP 1: Try to find the softer variety of jaggery, even when its in the cover, if you try to break it, it should crumble at least. If you use the harder, crystalline variety there is a chance the ladoo will harden up. 
TIP 2: Sprinkle a bit of water here. It helps in keeping the laddoo batter from turning hard.

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