Saturday, January 13, 2018

Papa John's Pizza, Muhaisnah, Dubai, Review

 Rating: 9/10

Straight away pizza is awesome! Right? Right. So we have it at home or outside. And we have it often. For the longest time we had settled in for Pizza Hut. Does everyone do this? But this time our daughter just insisted we try Papa John’s pizza. 

We are talking about the one in Muhaisnah, Dubai. (The one at Mirdiff City Centre also makes the spongiest of pizza base btw.)

 We tried the Green Garden Delight! Yummm! The cheese is creamy and the sauce which seems like spinach tastes great. The toppings have a balanced mix of veggies like olives, green bell pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. Although I wonder why they discontinued their Burger Pizza which was more of my favourite!

And look what a ❤ly Valentine surprise we had in this tasty garlic dipping sauce.

This is a must try for all pizza lovers. Definitely a 👍

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