Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ovarian Cyst and Missed Period - Female Fertility

How much of the above diagram makes sense to you? It is such a wonder how complex our physiology is!

There have been countless articles and TV shows about the challenges that women face in regards to their health. I have been following some of them for about three months now. Through all the reading I have realised that each woman has a different story which demonstrates that the female reproductive system is so complex. 

The reason why I was following the stories is this. I missed a period about four months ago and it turned out I had a 8 mm ovarian cyst.

Until the age of 34, which was last month, the extent of my knowledge about my reproductive system was that I had a uterus, a womb to carry my baby, ovaries that carry the eggs and my vagina. That is because I mostly had a regular period except once, at the beginning of my cycle when I had a menstrual period that lasted for 20 days and stopped only after medical intervention. After that I had no reason to give it any thought.

Even when I became pregnant at 25 and read up quite and have knowledge of how pregnancy is supposed to work and how the entire term works. Even then I was just not aware of how complex the reproductive system is. 

Until about four months ago, I missed a period. It is usual for me to be a week early. But I was attending a family wedding for a week and I had no chance to think about it, through that late one week. Though my stomach had bloated extraordinarily and the person who issues the boarding ticket stopped me and asked if I was pregnant, which made me very nervous about passing through the x-ray machine. However I lunged my heavy strolley and didn’t feel anything odd.

So when I came back I had hoped that the hectic schedule would have some effect and at 28 days I would get my period. I didn’t but 28 days is normal for most people so I decided to wait for one more week before running away with any ideas. 

After one week when I didn’t get my periods, we decided we must take a home pregnancy test. The test turned negative flat out. But then that would be still too early to take a pregnancy test, we decided to wait for one more week. 

A week later when the pregnancy test turned out negative AGAIN! we decided we had to see a gynecologist right away. So we scheduled and met with our gynac. Our sonogram showed something I was not expecting. The doctor said I had ovarian cyst, it was 8 mm in width and since there were no signs that it was malignant, it was likely benign and it would be go away without any medical interference. 

She, however, thought that the endometrial lining had become thick. It meant that the lining that is usually shed during the period along with the unfertilised egg, had not shed. She gave me pills and after 7 days I got my periods
But that was in December. This is February and I do not have periods yet. I am sure the cyst is not gone and I want to get my periods before I visit the doctor. I will give it one more week and I will try some alternative ways.

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