Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jalfrezi Indo Chinese Recipe

 Just a few years ago Jalfrezi was a little outside the Indian palette. But now at least we have to have some Chinese food every other weekend.

So Jalfrezi is unusual because it is one of the few Chinese dishes that can go well with rotis or rice. Here is the way I made it, you can say it has an Indo-Chinese twist.

Mushrooms about a bowlful
Baby corn about 5-6
Capsicum 1
Yellow bell pepper
Paneer small blocks
Soya sauce
Jalfrezi sauce
Corn flour 1-2 tsps
Oil to cook and salt to taste

 Chop all the vegetables. Pour oil in a wok, sauté the mushrooms first and remove them and remove them because you are not supposed to crowd the mushroom.  Do the same with Paneer,  sauté till it is crispy on the outside and remove it.
Then sauté all the other vegetables, cover them with a lid and cook them till they are soft. Then add the jalfrezi sauce and sauté again.

Whisk the cornflour into half a cup of water such that there are no lumps. Add it to the cooked vegetable. Then pour 2-3 tsps of soya sauce and add salt. Mix this on low heat and serve hot with naans or any bread of your choice.

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