Saturday, January 20, 2018

Instant Kulfi: Easy Dessert Recipe

 Kulfi is a traditional Indian custard-like dessert served in an earthen pot called kulhad. It is made by condensing whole milk to a thick consistency and then adding sugar, dry fruits powder like cashew, pistachios and almonds as the milk thickens. Then you add cardomom and saffron. (Saffron strands are added to warm milk till the colour runs into the milk). Then you set it aside for solidifying.

But considering the time it takes, there are the “Instant Mixes” that can help make kulfi in no time. The one I have loved is an instant mix in Gits. This is quite simple to make. 

The Gits Kulfi pack comes with the milk solidifiers. You take a mug of milk and add the contents from the packet and whisk it till there are no lumps.

NOTE: Now the thing is, there are instructions on the packet that say you boil this mixture. But these instructions work only in India where they always sell whole milk that has been pasteurised. But in most other countries the milk is processed, so it contains no fat, so when I first tried it with full fat milk, it still did not work.  

So what we need to do is add condensed milk to this mixture while boiling. And then refrigerate it. And your kulfi is ready. Just garnish this kulfi with chopped nuts of your choice and your creamy, nutty kulfi is ready!!! 

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