Saturday, January 13, 2018

Betty Crocker Cookie Cake Vanilla Chocolate Review

 Price: 8.80 AED for 125 gm. (1$ = 4 AED)

It is always a big question what to pack for your child’s lunch. Since my daughter has two breaks at school I try to combine some snacks with some healthy. The snacks usually consists of a couple of cookies or a cupcake/slice cake with some chips.

It makes sense for a brand like Betty Crocker to expand into ready-to-eat bakery goods. This cookie cake by Betty Crockers Vanilla and Chocolate Cookie Cake seemed like a good combination of both. The cookie has chocolate chips in it, could be chocolate filling too. The cookie is slightly powderish and dry for my taste. It would have tasted much better if the same was a little more chewy. Though my daughter seems to like it.

There is definitely some scope for improvement. Although it is not bad, in fact it is good in terms of sweetness and the balance of vanilla dough and chocolate is good too, just slight chewiness factor has a potential to make this a hit.

Here are the ingredients.

Rating: 6/10

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