Saturday, January 13, 2018

Baskin Robbins Cotton Candy Flavour Review

When it comes to ice cream pretty much everything is awesome about it. Especially if it is an old favourite like Baskin Robbins which has a wide variety of many great flavours.

And there are a few flavours that definitely stand out. Here is my description and rating of my favourite flavours. I will post few of them together and a few separately.

Cotton Candy: Rating 9/10

You definitely have a winning package, especially with children when you combine two favourites like cotton candy and ice cream. Even if you are a grown up you will love this creamy variety of your childhood food, you will love the too-sweet taste.

If you are wondering whether it actually tastes like  cotton candy or is it just two cotton candy colours with the smell? No, they got it down perfectly. Meaning right to that moment when the sugar completely melts in your mouth and your mouth is full of the sweet stuff. The smell is exact too.

Worth trying many times. Definitely a good choice if you have a sweet tooth.

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