Saturday, January 13, 2018

10 Days After IUI Fertility Treatment

As I had said before, I had my first IUI on August 21st. I was supposed to go for my Serum Progesterone blood test on the 28th, which I did.

But while I was waiting for the results I had a surprise waiting, I experienced some bleeding. Now with IUI the timing of implantation usually coincides with a woman’s next period. So I am not sure whether this is implantation bleeding or good old period. Well it is certainly more than mere sporadic spotting and while I see some tissue, the blood is red and brown or pink as supposed to be if it is implantation bleeding.

Well, now I am awaiting the results. But also if I had a miscarriage. Is it even called a miscarriage if it has hardly even passed the implantation stage? I don’t know.

On the other hand, I am feeling hungry often. I never feel hungry early in the morning except during my first pregnancy and when I had 16 hour work schedule. Also I am visiting the loo more often and feeling tired easily. As you can see these are all mixed signals for sure.

Actually I think I should calm my anxiety and wait for the results and a home pregnancy test after exactly a month from my last period. And I must focus on having a good diet so that if it doesn’t work out this time I could start on a good ground the next time. I was traveling to India this time and if you know anything about India visiting your family in India is never the best time to think about healthy eating.

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