Friday, July 7, 2017

Shopkins 5 Seasons from Souq

So aren't Shopkins the cutest? If you thought emojis were cute, someone made them 3D! I picked them as I found. And I would have loved to buy them all if I could, if they weren't so expensive.
Here is a set of 50 that includes all 5 season, or so it says, let's see!

What's Good About Them?

They are good quality for the price, some look odd but they are mostly good.
The quantity, I mean 50 Shopkins for the price 20.
They gave three extra Shopkins.

What's Bad About Them?

There were 3 issues with them.

Old Used Shopkins

So I ordered the Shopkins all 5 seasons set from Souq (Supplier: Other Toys). Here is the review of the set. Although they all look good. I spotted some that looked old, I mean look at the pics. Even the quality wasn't that good with these ones.

Fake Shopkins

Now I would have easily fooled into believing that any cute emoji looking toy was a Shopkin. But my daughter observed that some of them were not real Shopkins. All Shopkins in every season are listed in a kind of index with details about their names and such. However, this set didn't come with any index and some of them looked fake. And same issue as above with the quality of these ones.

Repeat Shopkins

Although this is not an issue that bad but some of them were in repeat. Some Shopkins were in set of three.

Overall they are good. Since some of them looked old I ran them through a round of washing machine, with antiseptic and soap. Once it started I was worried the paint would come out or something but it didn't so they seem to be okay overall. 

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