Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bosch Dishwasher Review

Even in this time and age when we change our cellphone models every year for the tiniest updates, we as Indians are still slightly apprehensive about investing in a dishwasher. Here are the issues that were stopping me and here is why I invested in one. 

Higher Water Consumption

The one factor that stops many people from buying dishwashers is the belief that dishwashers consume a lot more water than doing the dishes with your own hands. This is not true for two reasons, one, if you wan your dishes and vessels to be evenly remotely clean, especially considering diverse Indian cooking it is impossible that you are actually using as less as you imagine you. For testing I used my 30 gallons bucket for one day washing of our three members family, and I found out that I was using up good two buckets! 60 gallons of water is about 228 litres!  

Compare it with this Bosch dishwasher. My model of choice is Bosch SMS69M18GC Dishwasher, it consumes about 6 litres of water. I know it sounds too good to be true but here's why this has been possible.Newer machines have been optimised for lower consumption of water, one factor is to help water conservation efforts and the other is the application of innovative technology. What this machine has is a fan mode that simply splashes water on all the dishes and vessels giving it a handwashed-style cleaning. And also considering handwashed dishes have to be scrubbed individually and washed individually and machines clean it at once is a major factor influencing my decision.

Not Enough For Families

Here is the space, 60 cm in width 

Another factor is that people assume that dishwashers are not enough for big Indian families. This dishwasher although it looks regular in size has used its space optimally. There are different slots for dishes, vessels and spoons. And there are many flexible slots so that you can close down one for more space or pop one out to convert it into an extra space. This is definitely useful as you can utilise the vertical space as per your need.

Additional Advantages
(These are of course, of great value for us in these hectic times.)
  • You can set it for wash at any time you want, unlike the fixed time you might have for the domestic help.
  • It works on an almost silent mode. Compared to a regular washing machine spinning sound, this is less than 10 % of the noise and only when draining.
  • Various modes for more deep cleaning such as with hot water or a longer timeslot.

The Setbacks

Now this might be entirely only affect you if you cook greasy food everyday because I found that my greasy kadhai and grimy tawas did need a bit of their iron mesh scrubbing before they were popped into the dishwasher. This is applicable if you have cooked pasta and the cheese has stuck to the base in the process. But if you don't mind this aspect you are still saving a lot of effort.

So far so good! Let me know what your thoughts have been about using your dishwasher or for not wanting to buy one...

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