Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Half Way There At A Half Hearted Pace

So there are many things that this era will be known for - hashtags, trending, tweets, oh so many buzzwords, it must sound like a foreign language to people who are not connected to the Internet. So many words they knew have changed meaning, for instance, they would think a viral was a bad thing, to come down with a fever, and to hear it in this context of popularity, how does it sound?

Is that how the term Halfgirlfriend sound to you? But there is some truth to it, relations are a little lukewarm these days through nobody's fault! Just this technological age stormed in and changed the way life itself was conducted. It suddenly made us feel like there was an infinite universe just passing us by, and we could see it via our Facebook and Twitter timeline, and the day seems like it lasts for a mere three hours! 

But does that term scare you, girlfriend? Have you reached the comfortable halfgirlfriend stage and are happy to stay there, without finding the courage to move ahead? You know what helps in a situation like this? A story from the wise old past? 

So let me tell you an old old story from decade ago...

A decade ago sounds like a long time now, because we have all subconsciously started counting time in dog years...

(While us millenials remain stuck in perpetual 90s)

It's a real phenomena!

How did it affect yours truly? I was living quite a regular life, I had the joys of living in a city and the burdens of middle class living ;) while the millennium rolled along! What I was hoping was that it continued this way pushing away quarter life crisis, you know the one, marriage. You know due to the virtue of having never watched Disney princess movies, and having seen actual real marriages, I was not buying the whole romance in a marriage. (Plus, this is India, no one was selling this imported idea anyway! Pfft romance and marriage... Don't believe me, go check any marriage in a Bollywood movie and it falls into these three categories, 1) the end of the movie 2) a flop 3) ... there is not even a three! 

So you get me, so needless filled with this level of enthusiasm I had to go through the whole routine of groom searching and pretend I wasn't paranoid. Then we got married, my husband and I. HE AND ME. Half-husband Half-wife. (Does your half-girlfriend sound like nothing to you now?)

And we were only halfway there which ensued an interesting charade. A nation was on a cusp of change and hence the rebel between the old ways and the new, and stuck between this were us, people who did not makeup their minds. Could I have achieved more success in my career if I was not tied up like this? What about this baggage of routine chores that are taking up time? (I am sure if I was to say "batch-cooking" my mother and aunts will think I came up with it!

It took us almost a decade but once across it we know we were scared of nothing. Commiting and settling down are made to sound scary and you can still have everything you want, a career, travel and you have a person to do all this with. So if you have a half-girlfriend, go ahead cover the distance, it is worth it, the transition may sound shaky but not the outcome! 

“I am sharing this Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend”

“I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

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