Thursday, March 16, 2017

Colgate Story Time With The Earth Defenders

Right from the first generation, we have associated Colgate with the dental hygiene for the whole family. We fondly remember the days when Baby Guddu's beautiful smile before the Sunday morning cartoons made us want to use Colgate as kids. Here is what we found in our Colgate box this month.

The stage is set for the Earth Defenders
and their cool talking machine, Nila

My daughter instantly took to building a story around these characters. She set them up like a stage. And weaved a story around these characters, twins, she named Rose and Sam. The "Earth Defenders" who are on a secret mission to save the earth. Have a look at the story. Of course it is full of drama in saving the world and very interesting.

Kindly note that there are number of characters
being added as we go,
and the story is being planned as a series...

We enjoyed the fact that these are fun toys but also that they are educational toys. (Note: My daughter says that she is happy that there is a girl astronaut too.) Our opinion is that this was a complete toy. In the sense, it helped them build it, for much younger kids it means, developing their hand-eye coordination, for my 8 year old it meant that she enjoyed building them. Next it helped give a sense of creating something, which all kids enjoy. My daughter enjoyed setting a stage for the story telling. And next, trigger their imagination, because the idea that the world is really an endless space is an exciting prospect for them, it means new worlds with new people. And of course the sense of heroism as in my daughter's story, she felt the need to create characters that were protecting earth from the aliens.

Of course, this is in keeping with our views as parents who want to see her become whatever she wants but we also aspire for a world that is fit for her to progress. A world where we can set our goals towards bigger things. This exercise also reiterated our belief that children have a natural leaning towards Science and such toys that help them imagine a bigger world with wider horizons will make them nurture a love for the subject.

I think big brands are in the position to change the world, make it a better place. So whenever we see any brand attempting to do that we feel good to have any association with the brand. This is a good step in that direction and also a way to endear the brand to a new generation.

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