Friday, December 30, 2016

Nikon D3300 Review Ideal First DSLR

My brother is a big fan of DSLRs I am amazed at his sense of angles and the beautiful point of view in his images. While I wished I could take pictures like that, I always thought my Samsung Note 3 was good enough for my blog.

Why Do Bloggers Need A DSLR?

So do we need DSLR at all? Here's how I happened to make this decision. I had been blogging for 5 years when I got my first DSLR, Nikon D3300.

Of course I thought I didn't need a DSLR. And one is right in this thinking, all you need to start a blog is the will to write regularly and a decent smartphone camera, and you are good to go. If you do connect with a brand they are okay with any decent pic/s and good content.  But as I started accepting more projects for brand reviews I could see that I needed to invest in a good professional camcorder. A good camcorder that could take good pics but also a few good videos if need be.

Comparison Between Samsung Smartphone Pic And DSLR


Smartphone Pic

One more thing stopping me from buying the DSLR was the bulky apparatus and a seemingly complicated operational method. Who knows what the hell all those lenses are and how to use them? Especially true if all you ever used was a digital point and shoot camera.

Here Are The Reasons DSLRs are Awesome

Automatic Settings

In the past, words like aperture and all that jargon had discouraged me from ever wanting a DSLR, but automatic DSLRs are different from the manual ones where you need to manually set the lens for a pic. But I am quite enjoying the various pre-settings that this DSLR has where it provides a wide range of automatic. It is slightly broad in definition for a professional but will do for amateurs.

Example is the pic above where you can see how the light plays off in a dreamy way in the first pic and looks better than  the pic below it where the colours seem slightly flat. This is a presetting that allows the lens to enter the camera in a specific way.

Higher Resolutions

Resolutions hardly matter for a regular selfie. But if your blogpost with images is accessed on different devices it looks different. A low resolution causes the pics to look blurry when you zoom in. For instance, if you check the above pics on a laptop the DSLR one looks much better. That is because smartphones have a resolution set max to 3000X2000 pixels where as DSLR have a resolution of 5000X3000.

As I have said above, DSLRs play fantastically with lights and hence look good whether on a large screen or small. Here is another example my food pics have started to look better. This pic has been shot in the same angle and same lighting of the same Paratha (Flatbread). But look at the difference,

My smartphone image

My DSLR Image

Better Videos

The above reasons are not enough for one to pick up a costly DSLR but here is why I bought one. The videos look terrific, as I had said before the play of light enhances the objects in the video and gives it that professional look. In conclusions I would say that DSLRs images look so well because they work closest to the eyes, creating focus, and the gradient of colours in an object. As I said before you can blog just as easily with a smartphone but a DSLR could make a difference.

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