Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dear Zindagi: Protect My Lifegiver

Dear Zindagi,

I think you are also called life. I don't know you. But I have been told I have been infused with you, the life, by my lifegiver.  While I was cosily embedded in my home here, I was told by someone called God that I should call her mother. Although I like the name lifegiver too.

God told me that I would know her well. And I know why. Sitting here in my home, it is called womb, I can hear her heart beating. Not even she has heard it. And it is this music that is the language between us.

It beats softly when she sings a lovely song and the rush of her affection reaches me along with her sweet voice. That is what helps me grow.

I remember, a few days ago, her heart beating wildly I was so afraid. Her voice turned coarse and loud. I think she was afraid of losing me. I know she thinks that she doesn't send me enough food. But more than her food I am growing on her love. That is what makes the little food she sends my way, sweet.

Dear Zindagi, please hold on to me so that my mother does not worry. I can feel the presence of food all morning but I know that she is the last one in the home to eat it.

Although she says she is happy I am a boy and not a girl like the last time so they won't take me away from her. What made my lifegiver give up, I wonder. I had imagined her to be the strongest person ever. Are there more stronger, less kinder people around her?

"What kind of a mother are you?" she says to some other person, "don't you even care for your grandson's life?" I don't know her, is she another lifegiver who is supposed to take care of my lifegiver? Is that how it works? If not, it should be. I am sure they can understand each other if they are doing the same thing.

What about the person they call father, he doesn't ever speak so I do not know how he fits into the system.

That is how I know, dear life, that you can make my mother happy till I get out into the world stronger. So that once I see my mother she would know for sure that she would have me with her, on her side always. Do not give up on me like you gave up on my sister. I hope my lifegiver becomes  strong too so she doesn't struggle so much. And make me stronger so I could take care of her. So stay with me, dear Zindagi, we have a long way to go!

“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda”

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