Friday, November 4, 2016

Dear Zindagi: An Open Letter

Dear Zindagi,

Well Hello! Hope you are doing fine! No, seriously I hope you are, seeing how you are running through me as my quintessential! :)

So while I write to you this letter I am also taking this opportunity to figure you out. Who are you? Are you the small passing moment? Are you all the atoms that make up my body? Or are you the huge, all-encompassing consciousness that passes through all living beings? What are your thoughts on you, this grand spectacle on the tiny blue speck in the universe? Are you some game a young teen plays on his simulator?

A bit too philosophical this may seem...

May be you are simply the beauty of all the complexity of living!

How does that song go again? "Zindagi kaisi hain paheli haye, kabhi ye hasaaye, kabhi ye rulaye?" Oh Life! You are such a puzzle! You make us laugh a moment and cry the next! A place where goodness and cruelty exists in the same chambers of the heart! That is right! Some puzzle you are, even to the ones who don't think too deeply!

Of course, I have spent a good time wondering about you. Heck! I even call my blog, "C'est La Vie" - This is Life - whatever form and shape it takes...

Well before I tire you out , here is someone putting it in better and wiser words,

Perhaps, I should thank you for the obvious gift, a healthy long life punctuated with the love of family and friends, a world that is changing for better, a world that has art, music and also libraries (Libraries!!! :)). And also for having the mind that is still kicking ass enough to appreciate it all!

Dear Zindagi, I love you, just as love is meant to be, with all your beauty and flaws, no alterations!  I knew that when the Mars mission didn't excite me, not because I was scared but I am too much in love with this life on earth. I don't want to give up on what I already have right here, right now. I didn't give up on you, when you threw the tantrum of tough times on me, didn't either take a leave when it seemed like you would never recover. I also love the mundane little details of getting up each day and going through the motions of life, as much as I love the moments lit up by inspiration. That is how much I love you.

But to follow the "If god exists, evil exists," logic, it is also impossible to think about you, without thinking about your nemesis, death. That is also a constant preoccupation. Like how it is our only inning? How it is a painful reminder that our time here is short? But instead of depressing me, it makes me appreciate you more, love more deeply, live a bit strongly.

Dear life, how could I sum you up when I know you are much more than a quote or a quip and the best of philosophers could not sum you up. And it is much better to live it up than ruminate over it until one day when you will have lived it well and you will say "What a life!"

So dear zindagi, now that I have written this love letter to you. What shall we do on our next date? Wanna catch up a movie, Dear Zindagi, it seems to be about you?

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