Friday, June 3, 2016

Share a Life & Share The Load

Marriage has definitely become less feudal in these recent years. Just a few years ago it was this huge juggernaut that a big family pushed day in day out where every family member was a wheel and that was about your only existence. These days, while we haven't exactly broken the joint family unit, individuality has some value. That is a positive change.

Talking about positive change we recently had a fun challenge by Ariel and here are my thoughts on the experiment. While the activity was happening it has lead to new ways of doing things about our household as well.

As I have said earlier I am happy to live in a world where marriage is about sharing a life. So of course, this was taking it a step closer towards our goal when we shared the load of the laundry.

Really this is one activity that mostly takes cares of itself thanks to our gadgets and soaps that actually work. While this is not a "task" it still takes an alloted time if you are a full time homemaker. So, it didn't bother me that someone else would be taking care of the laundry.

I would definitely recommend it as a couple activity and in fact you can rope in the kids too. Like any child, my daughter is very observant too and was excited at the idea of sharing the load. Together as a family here are a few things we thought we could do, things that become chore if one person had to do it but just good home-making when the entire family is involved.

Of course, the better half could enjoy doing the laundry once in a while. Kids will love folding their dresses and managing their cupboard. My daughter even came up with an arrangement where all of her uniforms could be separated from her play clothes and party dresses, which we followed. Next was having a socks section in the living room and is actually handy. We have also become big fans of hampers and organisers that can sort your entire wardrobe.


I know there might be families out there whose household runs like a well oiled machine but this was a great experiment for a new family like ours. Thank you Ariel and Akshara for the same. These were my thoughts on the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.

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