Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Moving on Lalitaji! Ariel Matic #LaundryGoesOddEven

Before we talk about how we scored on our odd even challenge, a few thoughts...

The intent behind this exercise is gender equality. A tough job in a society where your character is a foregone conclusion based on what you wear. While a woman in our society may not dress as she chooses, society compensates by letting her do all the washing. (An English Major student might say that analogy is more off kilter than John Donne's verses but any way...)

I am aware these are not as tough a time as our granny's...I mean

Granny's Sunday look Before Marriage

Granny's Sunday look after marriage

All humour aside can we gauge a society's progress via the laundry business? I mean it is a two decade old story when Lalitaji and Deepikaji decided what detergent to buy. Yes, it was considered a landmark advertisement as it portrayed the woman of the household making a choice in buying a costlier soap powder and hence affecting the monthly budget. I think that is not a reflection on the brand but rather the erstwhile society.

The next positive landmark ad came almost a decade later. How different was it? The mom wore a dungarees instead of a sari, while she did the laundry using her washing machine. And if you count she did not have a "ji" attached to her name. That is absolutely all!

So it is perhaps due that we talk why such a simple chore is still the homemaker's responsibility. Since as an upwardly mobile society we Indians, most of us, have come to a point where a gadget takes care of washing, it is the right time to challenge the spouse for an equal share in the washing duties.

If I am honest this duty has swung a few times to the hubby already. But it swung back to me when the quintessential red tshirt bled into the whites. Or the paper in our daughter's unchecked skort pocket started its own papier mache project during the cycle. All rookie mistakes I tell you!

So I assure my husband that it happens to the best of us and that is no reason to maintain an amateur status. And here are the notes we made to be referred to in case this turns into an Olympic event.

1) A good quality detergent is good even in small quantities.
2) It is good for delicates as well as whites.
3) Whites shine like pearls when you add a bit of bleach.
4) Delicates become soft like clouds with a bit of vinegar.
5) Whether you are a male or female, it does not hurt if you do a load of laundry.
Last but not the least
6) Engineers of all kinds will enjoy the challenge as it gives one the opportunity to try out different settings that the better half may consider useless.

'I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.'

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