Sunday, May 8, 2016

Motherhood and Nurturing Through Spirit

Whether we are religious or just feel spiritual in the sense that we feel a connection with the universe, we have to admit that some experiences are well beyond mere joys and seem to leave a permanent imprint on us. It will remain completely unadulterated by any other experience we will have. Motherhood is one such experience.

No matter what culture, motherhood is looked upon as more than a biological experience. Motherhood is a connection stronger than the umbilical chord and deeper than the blood and flesh the mother and child share. What will remain the most intimate experience is the nine month gestation period. Here are a few things that will help in ensuring you as a mother, and the baby, are nurtured in the spirit as well.


This is where we can use all of India's goodness and spirituality. Holistic care of the baby is what will help the baby find a good mind-body balance in the future. It is amazing that we had figured out this psychosomatic relation so early on as a civilisation. Meditation can be very beneficial to a new mother, it relaxes  her mind while it energises the body. As new studies assure us it is not just hocus pocus. It helps us align our body and regulates our breathing ensuring that we have a non-toxic body. We know good health can be achieved when we eat healthy but for the sense of well being we have to be a happy person in both our mind and body.What could be better for a baby than a happy mom!

It won't be advisable to start yoga or other gym exercises at this point if you were not doing them. And even if you were a health freak it would be advisable to give up on heavy duty exercising. Just a half an hour walk in the morning and in the evening can do loads of good.


Music is almost surreal in how it works on us and it is more mysterious than could be measured in a lab. While we don't have units to measure its goodness, there is enough evidence to say that music, especially classical music, is of great value. New borns who listen to classical music when they are in their mother's womb are calmer and show higher intelligence than other kids. The serenity of classical music has soothing effect on the child and it makes better neurological connections in the child's brain resulting in higher intelligence.


As I have said before, food is important but what and how matters the most. The food must be nutritious, containing no preservatives or oils and must be eaten in small portions. If you have heard the word saatwik, which is a diet that makes the body alkaline is the ideal food through the pregnancy. Amyone from your granny to mom could advice you on this. Or perhaps a Jain diet consisting of raw, nutritious food eaten at the right time when the metabolism rate is higher.

A new mother has a wonderful adventure waiting for her. She will be taking a wonderful journey together with her new family and the most important thing is that she enjoys it thoroughly.

I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil

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