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Motherhood and Nurturing The Body: Being a #YummyMummy

You will have heard it, but you will not know what the big deal is until you become a mother. Sure you have looked at babies and thought they were cute alright but you will have to wait to have one yourself to know exactly how cute.

If you are already pregnant you have an inkling what I am talking about. And yes, you are right. You are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Your life has taken a turn for good and what is called gestation by doctors is your time to nurture dreams that will manifest in a matter of nine months and fulfil during a lifetime.

Here is my story about the wonderful journey I am taking and how I nurtured my dreams.

The Positive

The anticipation that would-be parents feel from the moment they take the pregnancy test to the moment the test turns out positive can flood a city, can flood hearts. Various thoughts some wise, some happy and some crazy will run through your minds. And once the test is positive you know you have to get going and you have a lot to do.

The Good News

When you share the news with the family you will add them to the happy chaos. All mothers in the family will have advice for you. Listen to them  even if they are repetitive, those have come from experience. If they hand you over books, read through them. Here is how I balanced the advice I received from the experienced mothers and experts in the books.

I will divide them as Nurturing Through Food and Nurturing Through Spirit, both very essential for the growing baby.

Nurturing Through Food

You will wish, perhaps, that you should have been eating more healthy. And if you have been eating well and taking prenatal care, kudos! But if not, you have nine months to do that! Because you know what, the nature is wise and has perhaps foreseen this and you have not lost time.

Here is a rough chart to help you sail through the nine months ensuring you give your baby what it needs. The pregnancy can be divided into three trimesters, each trimester marks a stage of development in the baby and each stage has a special dietary need to be fulfilled for the baby's specific growth needs.

First Trimester: The Most Essential Stage. This is the month of development of brain, heart, the rump and the spinal cord in the embryo. The food you need to consume has to be rich in Iron, Citrus, Omega 3 all these foods help in the creation of the most important organs. Some foods that contain this are all kinds of iron rich foods like sweet potatoes, yam, kidney beans, raagi and corn can be very beneficial. Citrusy fruits like orange, grapefruit, walnuts and fish.

Of course, all other stages are just as important but I hope you see why this one is the most important. It also that month when you are not supposed to run, watch scary movies, visit an amusement park or do anything that will put your body in a stressful situation. While you keep yourself safe you also need to be happy, so watch a happy movie, read good books. 

Second Trimester: This is the time for formation of skin and the other systems such as nervous system, respiration, intestine and such. A lot of protein and calcium rich food should be part of your diet. Although it is best to have protein at all times of pregnancy as we are made up protein, our skin and tissues. But bones also begin to form now so calcium rich food is essential. These can be found in lentils, eggs, poultry and many more.

Third Trimester: This is the time when the baby is fully formed and will start preparing itself for the birth. The baby till this point is very thin but will now start to gain weight so that the fat will cushion the baby during the labour when makes its passage into the world. The chubby cute fat that we see on the baby is to avoid any damage to its internal organs during the birthing process. 

The healthy food we were eating in the previous months must be continued as the embryo is still growing at a very fast rate. Consume a lot of fibrous foods in fruits and veggies. Aside from all this mothers will benefit a lot from eating green leafy vegetables, raw veggies, nuts and eggs mainly.

Ghee and Pregnant Mothers

It is great that our mothers and grandmothers will be making a lot of laddoos to be eaten by the pregnant mom. While that is great we must not over do it with ghee and other fats. Perhaps one spoon (in all of the food combined through the day,) is more than enough.

Cravings and Junk Food

You might have heard some women say pregnancy is a time to eat without worries, because you are eating for two. But no, you are eating for one and 1/4th. You will only need about 500 to 1000 calories in addition to your regular diet.

It is true we have cravings but cravings are an indicator of foods you might not have consumed when you were not pregnant. If course you can binge on some favourites because it makes you happy and being happy is important. It is especially not advisable to eat a lot of junk food like burgers and fries. If you eat a lot of paanipuri, chaats and pickles, you will have to go through unwanted bouts of acidity.

A lot of mothers start consuming lot of fats in the form of cakes, cookies and other oil and butter rich food but the bad news is that the fat consumed during first trimester does not reach the baby but is absorbed by the mother, hence it is advisable to eat such food modestly in the first two trimesters, and consume well only in the third.

In all other times, these dietary recommendations might have seemed like too much but the fact that it will benefit the baby, we are encouraged to follow it. The most important thing is that we enjoy the experience of having to nurture our babies while they are within us, which is a priceless experience.

I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil. Thank you for helping me relive the moments and share the experience of motherhood.

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