Saturday, March 5, 2016

Memory of My Merry Tribe!

Memories are a hard thing to share, they occupy our mind but they are difficult to express. A few people around us ensure that those memories are built on a solid foundation and beautiful design, albeit a kaleidoscopic one! I have been fortunate to have such people in my life. Although I cannot give credit of my happiness to any one person alone I will try to paint as tangible a picture of my memories as I can! Here we go...

When we are young ourselves we imagine that our home is the world. Even the horizons are cosily close and if you ever have a doubt, a parent's hug reaffirms the belief. While that is true I have been blessed by parents who showed me that horizons expand but that is the fun! My parents were the generation that allowed us to explore and question. This habit of venturing out in a world that is increasingly vigilant and closed, is my strength. My courage comes through the knowledge that no matter where I go I am enveloped by a scaffolding of their care.

But my tribe grew as I grew up! And I was lucky to have a jolly circle of uncles, aunts, cousins and friends, all of whom taught me a very important lesson, "Chill!" No it may sound simple but that's because we do not realise how tightly we have been wound up in pursuits of making life happen! But they taught me that, well, life is happening right here, enjoy the sight, and move on but gracefully like a breeze.

But it would be boring if I called them lessons. They were nothing so drearily expressed but they were just fun moments that transpired into a life mantra I still use.

Another crucial point in my life, when my linear life took a roundabout turn and formed a circle was when I started my own family. It has been such an extraordinary ride to have the gentle but such-a-puzzle in my life, my husband, who surprises me anytime I think I know him well.

AND OH WELL, how could I talk about love and memories and not mention her, the noor (there is no better word to describe this,) of my life! If people ask me where the centre of the universe is, they will think I know nothing about Science, but I wouldn't care, I would point at my daughter. For that is what she truly has been since the time she came into my life. Turning my simple life into an adventure, giving me such a variety of roles, (I have been a cook, a nurse, a teacher, a joker, umm... nominate me?) that a seasoned actor would envy. And she gives me the courage to accomplish them with panache.

Here is a look at the centre of my universe,

As I had suspected in the beginning I have not given you my memories but a glimpse into my merry tribe that helps me make those memories day in day out!

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