Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Responsible Tourism: Our Duty

You can blame it on the childhood reading that introduced us to the delights of Age of Exploration. It made us crave for an adventure on a big ship searching for unknown, magical lands.

And thanks to living in the modern age, our explorations have become easier with pretty much a wonderfully paved path anywhere we go. And we have started travelling more and more these days due to affordable travel packages for all kinds of monetary budgets -- and more because we realise how enriching the experience is.

It is no surprise that we have been struck by a wanderlust. Why would we not when there are movies, ads and magazines all showing us nature's beauty that keeps changing and getting more magnificent every few miles. Our lenses eager to capture these kaleidoscopic wonders. However, there are new challenges that have come with travelling in this age. And these are the challenges that will ensure the safety of our planet in the future.

"Sustainability" is a word we hear often these days. Which might sound surprising to us because we took the earth's bounty for granted. Yet all these resources that we had assumed were endless, depleted mainly because we were not careful to give back what we had taken - the cycle of nature.

It is true that big corporates continue to exploit nature and will be stopped only with more pertinence by even stronger forces. Thankfully as I am typing out the words world leaders are taking important steps to ensure that all our resources are guarded against all harmful forces.

But it is not like we are not part of those that exploit these resources and more so when we assume we are mere visitors. For instance, it is easy to be in awe of the Alps when we go to Europe or closer home to the Rishikesh or anywhere near the Himalayas. The beauty is so fantastic that our eyes cannot even grasp it in one go.

Yet what we, (by we I mean most of who travel to these wonderful locations) do around the places is horrendous. These are the places where natural rhythms of time have not changed for the locals. If it were a place of historical value, we are causing harm to the architectural structures of the place. How? By what we assume to be simplest of actions.

Due to the economic boom that we are enjoying, we are enjoying the luxuries and fun of road travel. Not only have we burnt fuel through our route but also to these places of natural and historical glory. Moreover, about the architecture, these man-made wonders suffer a lot due to mishandling by tourists and need continuous maintenance. We do not think anything about loitering these places.

Thankfully tourists all over the world have realised the flaws in our way and the damage that we are causing. And they are taking measures to minimise the damage. What we can do is a few things. We can take public transport which is actually cheaper and more fun than taking your own vehicle which at least one person will be engaged driving. Instead everyone on the journey could be enjoying it hands-free.

Actually, no matter how long or short a journey, it is indeed true that travel makes us more wiser than anything we ever undertake. Even a train journey of one hour can be as educating as an adventurous trek. And why just to be responsible for a glorious place that we tour, we travel to our workplace after all and inhabit our neighbourhood. Without being philosophical, our entire journey on the planet is a sojourn. Shouldn't we be good guests while we stay here?

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