Wednesday, October 28, 2015

As Soft as Baby Pink

As soon as a baby sets foot in your life, your life is changed for good... Actually for the best! Motherhood is a feeling of tenderness and all the baby pink emotions that go with it. So it goes without saying that as a new mother I enjoyed surrounding my daughter with the softest of things. (Do you know where the nature gets its satin to make the baby's skin?)

Thankfully nature has been known to take care of a baby's skin even before the baby is born. The amniotic fluid in the womb is rich in nutrients and helps keep the baby's skin supple before the baby has come out into the world.
After Mother Nature comes the job of the mother. Belonging to the great tradition of Ayurveda I have realised that nature continues to nurture us way beyond the womb. We just need to look back at our ancestors who painstakingly left us this legacy. 

So, I took the holistic route of massaging her with the oh-so-pure coconut oil and bathing her with cream and gram flour. As she grew up I incorporated olive oil and honey for her skin to maintain its suppleness. I ensured she had the softest of cotton to wear in Bombay's hot weather and the nappies (I trust Pampers,) to keep her dry at night.
After she started playing outdoors in the sun it was time for trusted granny's advise of applying curd for the harmful tan. And of course, one cannot forget that the most important part of growing for a child is the falls and tumbles, for that a good sesame oil/mustard oil massage is in order (also good for bones and joints). And whatever the nicks and cuts that might have found their way on the skin can be soothed by adding a scrub of the trusted gram flour and turmeric in the bath.
That said it is not that I have left modern science out of the equation, I trust my monthly Dettol washes for a germ free skin. And I always have a stash of Boroline, Neospirin, Band Aids and lotions when I need my solution in a hurry.

That said, it is not just mothers that change when a baby arrives but the entire home. Bedrooms are changed to nurseries, cupboards filled with knick-knacks are emptied to make room for the bulk of the stuff the little one needs. And oh well the babyproofing! As soon as the baby takes its first step mothers wish the earth was not so tough but more like a marshmallow ----- and how they hate the fact that things have edges! They change what they can, the wrought iron furniture gets updated and upholstered, fluffy carpets cover the floors, and bed posts get covered with stuff toys.

However, it is not just things that become soft but even the people around the baby. The mother beams in a soft glow at her little baby's achievements, father's voice becomes softer as they tiptoe across the room while the baby sleeps. And for the sake of my baby and also those around the world, I wish the world really was a more softer and gentler place better  suited for these noble beings.



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