Thursday, September 24, 2015

Youtube Downloader Virus Website Review

So I had been wise on the Internet for so long that my second mistake would not go unpunished. Excuse my sentimental review as both my systems are in ICU.

So if I ever had to download any software I would be using trusted and tested sites like softonic and such. I don’t have worry for cough/flu style attacks because I have McAfee installed on one device and AVG on other. Except this time, I didn’t know it was a bout of cancer.

So when my current YouTube downloader by Greentree apps asked for an update I did what I usually do, went on Softonic.
I am not sure at what I was lured into clicking on other link called YouTube downloader dot com and I had sinned. And so much that I was damned straight to the hell! Well not exactly me but my laptop and whatever version of hell they have.
No I am not using the religious allegory for an affect but you will have to read how sinister, how evil this serpent is.
Here is how devil’s hand was revealed.

First I started seeing ads on my Firefox browser, on the left and right, they were by Mirrorfind. And then those adds started popping out like hot, angry pimples all over my browser. I did the most logical thing which is to uninstall the app.

This is only an illusion. By this time this the malware rogue has planted its tentacles deep within my system. I see these pages called thumbs.db in all my folders. What I search for what I do, all records are sent. You can delete it but it won’t go. Same thing happens to your sound folders.

The virus is called browsekey dot fox. Once it enters your system it is basically slow poison, reaching out and killing one system at a time.

First goes the Recycle Bin. It still appears as an icon but doesn’t really work, so basically it just restores every suspicious thing that u deleted.

The virus passes through USB to other device that has been protected.

Currently my system starts but everything takes so long that it is not worth it. My AVG virus protection software couldn’t even detect it. McAfee found the virus to be in my Common Files folder, self created alphanumeric folder, but it couldn’t delete or shred it.

One of my device still has warranty so I can rush for the save.
Also there are websites that are titled as how to remove the browsekey virus but you will end up catching the virus or so I feel.

Will update you in case of developments.

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