Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Vochelle Almond Chocolate Review

Vochelle Almond Chocolate Review

So if you are the kind of person who pops in anything with chocolate labeled on it, you clearly need to be more critical! Seriously even when I was a kid I wouldn’t eat every toffee, fruit roll or liquorice placed on my palms.

So my love for chocolates means I like to talk about them, tell people which ones are the best and how to tell the good ones.

So really you can win me over very easily by adding almonds to chocolate. At least I had thought it was that easy but it turns out subconsciously I was admiring all things about good chocolates, and yes now there is are specifics.

What I am looking for in a chocolate is a rich cocoa of course but also that the chocolate has been cooked in milk and has rendered a silky gooey textured. The sugar matters the most! As I said the cocoa’s richness matters and if the sugar overpowers the cocoa the formula loses value.

So how the Vochelle almond in dairy chocolate score on the formula?

The first bite gets a thumbs up on the silky texture variable. The almond is crunchy and blends into the chocolate.

So yes as I said the sugar is the deciding factor in a chocolate after this. To most people the amount of sugar in Vochelle would be perfect. However as someone who loves chocolate it is just a little bit more. That is not to say I didn’t love the chocolate, I absolutely did. All the other factors are so balanced that the sugar part takes care of itself.

So how would I rate the chocolate on a scale of 5? I would give it a 4.

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