Friday, January 30, 2015

Notes On How to Build A House In A Rainforest - For Free!!!

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A house inhabits us as much as we inhabit the house. Tap on your dreams and memories if you dont know what I mean. Needless to say, my house defines me too. But before I give you my notes on how to build the house surrounded by a rainforest, the journey of how I acquired it might also interest you.


Practical, worldly-minded people may deny this, but it is true that we grow as two people in one body, the one that gives in to the demands of the world and accepts the various roles that the moment demands; as students, children, friends, parents or colleagues. And there is the other self that keeps growing internally. If tended well it forever retains some of its innocence. But if you let it alone in the untamed world it will shrivel up and pretend to play dead.

I am one of the stubborn ones who did not give up. Despite the fact that even my external self constantly swings between wanting embrace all humanity and the urge to run to a cave.

Wait! You imagined I was going to talk about a house for free? I will come to it in a moment. And before I tell you how to build this house where the real estate is much cheaper, I want you to make sure you are committed.

So as I was saying, it wont be easy raising this other self. You will need a house for it to grow.  And if you think that you missed the bus, you can always gift this house to a child you care for. 

If you ever see a child that constantly looks out of place, looks too innocent to have raked up the controversy that others claimed it did, - help the child, and book a house in this low cost housing but one that comes with a classiest of company.

So how did I do this? Here are the steps to follow:

1) It is a very basic investment advice, that you need to dive into the market early, if you wish to enjoy the dividends for a longer time. So invest in a bookshelf as early as possible in your life.

2) This house has no issue of mortgage. In fact there are some house financers that will loan you out for 0 % percent interest rates.

3) In fact, the market is so hot right now, they are running from house to house selling it like insurance. 

4) You wonder how you haven't heard about this? Perhaps you know it through the slang word, they call it library.

5) Now go ahead and get a membership card. Flaunt it every week like Country Clubbers do. 

Networking With The Right People

Everybody knows how essential it is to network these days. Be seen with those who matter.

1)  Be seen with big, beautiful tote bags filled with your books. We will need them. They are the bricks to build the house.

2) Be seen with people who already do this with panache. Those that have learnt the art of being inconspicuous even in a crowd.

Investing in the Interior Decoration

The interiors matter especially in this case...

1) If you already have invested in a sturdy bookshelf. Go ahead and fill them with books.

1) You think you want something more economical than the thousand words that can build a single picture. You might consider the pictures that speak a thousand words.

2) If so, with the aid of the internet, study well within time. Invest hours looking at a Raphael, Bruegel, or Da Vinci. 

3) Here is where you need to get into the nitpicking habit of a seasoned buyer. Look closely at the colours, meaningful strokes and moving lines. They will go along well with your bookshelf if you could buy them. 

4) We are not done yet . Haven't you noticed how a beautiful shot from a movie is incomplete without the background score? Find the ones that go with your story.

That is about it. Yes I know the offer sounds too good to be true, but if you act within time you might own it. 

Who doesn't want to live in a rainforest? Where did I mention more about rainforest,  you ask? 

Just go ahead with the investment journey, by the time you get to the end of it there will be rainforest awaiting. Sure there will cuts and bruises along the way but what garden was rendered beautiful all by itself?

Now that I let you out on a secret, I must return to my abode, my bookshelf beckons.

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