Monday, July 22, 2013

Shampoo Tips For Kids

Kids play a lot or remain constantly active. No wonder we feel the need to keep their scalp clean. But despite using a children's shampoo we are still exposing them to harmful chemicals. There are a few ways you can lessen or eliminate the use of shampoo.

Massage Before Shampoo: If you do have to use the shampoo here is what we can do. Massage almond/coconut oil on their scalp. Massage in the place where the fontanel used to be and till the crown of the head. During summers kids can greatly benefit if you pour warm oil on the top of their head and let it stay overnight.

After this just fill the shampoo bottle, half with water and half with shampoo. It will foam easily and wash easily. The shampoo is just a cleaning agent, more of it only leaves residue, causing the hair and scalp to dry.

No Shampoo: There are many ways to clean hair naturally, if you wish to eliminate shampoo altogether. There is the no-poo method or the Indian method. The Indian method of using Shikakai and Ritha (soap nuts) will be good but will make the kids complain if it gets in their eyes.

Do not use the hair dryer as much as possible. Run your fingers through the hair and let it air dry. Feed them a diet that has good amount of zinc for good hair.

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