Thursday, June 6, 2013

Poetry In A Persian Carpet

So as a retrospection on our visit to the Sheikh Zayed Royal Mosque Visit... So many halls may have seen the grandeur of the Persian carpets yet not many people it has a long and interesting history. Here are a few facts to start us off.
A Persian carpet is one of the finest example of Persian craftsmanship. They are valued worldwide for their intricate design as well as the quality. They are often passed on as heirlooms.
The artisans who weave the carpet work for months or even years on a single piece of carpet. The artisan will also intentionally leave a flaw in this piece of art, a humble reminder that the only perfection is in Allah or God, the most poetic thing about a Persian carpet.

 The picture below is the world’s largest Persian carpet. It has been weaved for the Sheikh Zayed Mosque or the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is spread across 6000 sq metres and weighs 48 tonnes. It had to be cargoed in one piece, only piece, in a Boeing.

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