Saturday, March 30, 2013

Skin Anti-sagging Homemade Mask

Skin sagging is a natural phenomenon. However, improper diet, sleeping hours and pollution can add to the woes. 

One way is to maintain skin through natural products as opposed to cosmetic. Yes, we can get the CMT, Cleaning-Moisturising-Toning routine through homemade natural products.


Beauty is really skin deep. If your skin has unclean pores, no amount of make-up can hide its dullness. So before starting you can give yourself a wonderful herbal steam with neem leaves and green tea. This will clean out the pores. Then pat yourself with an ice pack, closing the pores back in and prepped for a conditioning treatment.


Almond oil: Almond oil locks in the moisture. It also is known to control the facial hair growth.

Egg white coupled with thyme oil: As a mask this is one of the most effective remedies for skin sagging and wrinkles. Egg white stimulates the production of collagen and thyme oil helps to rehydrate your skin.

Turmeric and Tomato juice: The pulp-like thing in tomato is an excellent collagen builder. The turmeric is antiseptic and even works on providing the elasticity.

A mashed ripe banana,  1tsp honey and 1 tsp olive oil: This enriching mask helps to lift sagged skin and regulate sebum production. It helps to lock in the moisture  and firm sagged skin and giving a healthy glow.

Sandalwood: Many Indians have sandalwood at their homes, it is an excellent coolant for a tired skin suffering from pimples and such ailments. Instead of getting powder, it is best to invest in the piece and mortar. The turmeric can also be combined with this.

Step 3: TONING
Crush a few strawberries, add yogurt to make a paste and apply it to your face. Retain the mask for a 1-15 mins and wash with lukewarm water. It improves blood circulation. This mask acts as a toner and helps to tighten sagging skin. When in hurry, the basic astringent-rose water toning will still do fine.

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