Monday, February 4, 2013

Creative Uses of Floppy disks

It is so hard giving up stuff although you know you are very unlikely to use one. My tablet doesn't even have a CD section (what'sitcalled?) and today I discovered I had a bunch of floppy disks intact in a very utilatarian box. I am not surprised with the discovery I still have old cassettes that will be recycled.

Surfing through the net, I found out people had gone fantastically beyond the tea coasters or pen holder (my) ideas. Heck and they are all so awesome I feel wronged to have only 10 of those floppy disks! Why there is an entire website dedicated to the art and will accept floppy disk donations.

Fridge Magnet Blog: Turned into fridge magnets or memo holders.

Crooked Brains: Has many interesting ideas

Plant Pot Holder
Foto Frame for featured wall: Mother Jones site has the procedure

File Organizer: 100, fantastic recycle site.

 Floppy Disc Pen Holder


Green Diary: Site about recycling stuff

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