Friday, February 8, 2013

Old Calendars Creative Recycle

I have about three table calendars lying at home and I am itching to do something with them rather than throw them away. So as usual I surfed the Net for some creative recycle ideas. And here are a few of them that impressed the most.

So this is more of birthday reminder chart, I loved the ingenuity.

What you need is:
1) A collection of uniform sized bottle caps.

2) A few relevant pics to stick inside like a mini Santa image for Dec 25 or your daughter's image to be put on her birthday date.

3) Dates printed on cling film/plastic.

4) Some metal sheet to stick the bottle caps on, painted according your choice.

Actually you are free to explore this idea as you want.

Just use them for gift wrapping. Actually the blog has many recycle ideas. Worth checking out.

Turn them into envelopes.

 EXTREME RECYCLING would be to use them again decades later. When the days, weeks and months fall exactly same. To know how, this is the website you go to.

Recipe Holder

This blog has about 20 craft ideas.

 As wall paper for guest bathrooms.


As wallpapers.

This blog also had a brilliant giftwapping idea. Which was, "Save the pages to decopage a gift box. Think of who is on your gift giving list and as you read and remove the pages think of the ‘saying or verse’ and who’s gift box it will go on! Match the receiver with the sayings. Instead of all pictures to create an annual calendar, re-use these pages, mingled with pictures to create a calendar for others! Create stationary! Oh the ideas are endless!"

Will add a few if I find them. Would like to know if you got any such recycling tips. Let me know in the comments. This neo-recycler would be delighted to hear.

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