Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PMS Blues Food

Premenstrual syndrome. One time in the month when at least people close to us are anticipating bitchiness and bear it too. But wants that? Right. These are a few foods that will keep those pms blues at bay. Or so this website claims.

Dark chocolate

For energy and lighter periods

Lots of women under 50 aren't getting enough iron, which means - among other things - they have less get up and go and their periods are often heavier. As iron travels through the blood, it's even more important to eat iron-rich foods during your period as your levels dip even more. Red meat, spinach, good quality dark chocolate, hummus, dried apricots and sunflower seeds are all iron-rich and delicious.

Did you know? Taking an iron tablet with a glass of orange juice helps the body to absorb it better.


For mood swings

PMT doesn't have to be the norm every month. Eating complex carbs like lentils encourages the brain to release good mood chemicals, so you'll feel calmer and more relaxed.



Calcium is thought to help with that rubbish hormonal feeling, so up your low-fat dairy to 4 portions a day - natural yoghurt, milk and cheese all count.


For breakouts

Hands up who's woken up with a big spot on their chin just before their period starts? Instead of snacking on salty and sugary treats like crisps or biscuits which can make breakouts worse, munch on a mango. They act like a natural skin scrub from the inside, reducing redness and keeping skin free from bacteria. Clever, eh?

Did you know? Taking cod liver and evening primrose oil supplements can help with time of the month breakouts.


For sore breasts

Tender or sore breasts during your monthly cycle is very normal. Eating more foods that contain vitamin E (almonds, sunflower seeds, cooked spinach, olives and dried apricots) should make all the difference because it's a powerful antioxidant that sorts out swelling.


For a swollen tummy

When your tummy swells just before you come on, it's usually down to water retention caused by changes in your hormones. Salad, especially if it's made with cucumber, helps your body flush the water through because it's a natural diuretic that makes you go to the toilet more.

Did you know? Watermelon and artichoke are also natural diuretics.

Brazil nuts

For mood swings and period pain

A handful of brazil nuts will give your body lots of lovely magnesium - a lifesaver when your period is in full swing. Not only does magnesium calm you, but it also naturally relaxes your womb muscle to stop cramps.


For headaches

Make sure you're drinking plenty of water - sweating more, especially at night, can lead to horrible headaches. Keep a glass of water next to your bed.

Did you know? Your body temperature rises a little after ovulation. It then drops back to normal just before you start your period.

Jacket potato

For constipation

Your bowel slows down just before your period starts so you'll probably struggle to go to the loo like usual. Stock up on fibre-filled foods like brown rice, lentils, jacket potato and wholemeal bread or pasta to keep you regular.
Did you know? Sorbet or ice cream is the best thing to eat if you're craving something naughty because it will satisfy your sweet tooth quickly.

For period pain

Taking painkillers will definitely help with period pain, but so will adding oily fish like salmon to your plate. It's packed with omega fats which scientists think may help reduce that horrible swelling which causes cramps. Avocado is great for veggies.

Did you know? Tinned salmon is just as good for you as fresh or frozen


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Apple Cider Vinegar is a basic ingredient used in recipes and also as a beauty ingredient. It is available at such a price that noone bothers to search for the recipe. But the truth is this easy basic can be made right at home with only two ingredients.


1) Apple skin peeled and apple core

2) Water

3) Storage bottles

4) Cheese cloth / Muslin cloth

5) Sieve

Basically all you do is, skin the apples and dry them till they turn brown.

Take open jar put those peels and core in fill them with water, with water just above the line of those apples. Tie the jar with a cheese cloth.

Allow these things to ferment.

After a week or so, open this and you will see skum flowing on this, which is natural. Remove this.

After a month or so the process will be complete. Filter the frothy skum and peel with a big sieve.

Your apple cider vinegar is ready.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Old Calendars Creative Recycle

I have about three table calendars lying at home and I am itching to do something with them rather than throw them away. So as usual I surfed the Net for some creative recycle ideas. And here are a few of them that impressed the most.

So this is more of birthday reminder chart, I loved the ingenuity.

What you need is:
1) A collection of uniform sized bottle caps.

2) A few relevant pics to stick inside like a mini Santa image for Dec 25 or your daughter's image to be put on her birthday date.

3) Dates printed on cling film/plastic.

4) Some metal sheet to stick the bottle caps on, painted according your choice.

Actually you are free to explore this idea as you want.

Just use them for gift wrapping. Actually the blog has many recycle ideas. Worth checking out.

Turn them into envelopes.

 EXTREME RECYCLING would be to use them again decades later. When the days, weeks and months fall exactly same. To know how, this is the website you go to.

Recipe Holder

This blog has about 20 craft ideas.

 As wall paper for guest bathrooms.


As wallpapers.

This blog also had a brilliant giftwapping idea. Which was, "Save the pages to decopage a gift box. Think of who is on your gift giving list and as you read and remove the pages think of the ‘saying or verse’ and who’s gift box it will go on! Match the receiver with the sayings. Instead of all pictures to create an annual calendar, re-use these pages, mingled with pictures to create a calendar for others! Create stationary! Oh the ideas are endless!"

Will add a few if I find them. Would like to know if you got any such recycling tips. Let me know in the comments. This neo-recycler would be delighted to hear.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Creative Uses of Floppy disks

It is so hard giving up stuff although you know you are very unlikely to use one. My tablet doesn't even have a CD section (what'sitcalled?) and today I discovered I had a bunch of floppy disks intact in a very utilatarian box. I am not surprised with the discovery I still have old cassettes that will be recycled.

Surfing through the net, I found out people had gone fantastically beyond the tea coasters or pen holder (my) ideas. Heck and they are all so awesome I feel wronged to have only 10 of those floppy disks! Why there is an entire website dedicated to the art and will accept floppy disk donations.

Fridge Magnet Blog: Turned into fridge magnets or memo holders.

Crooked Brains: Has many interesting ideas

Plant Pot Holder
Foto Frame for featured wall: Mother Jones site has the procedure

File Organizer: 100, fantastic recycle site.

 Floppy Disc Pen Holder


Green Diary: Site about recycling stuff