Monday, January 2, 2012


No it is not that i am carried away by their cultural connotations but because i am convinced they are true. The difference between tea and coffee is the difference between appetite and taste.

I can, and have, had tea, in various avatars and sometimes no matter how it tastes, without cringing. But coffee I am very alert about I would not say yes if i didn’t feel like coooofffffffeeeeee and the “coffee-maker” has to be good too! It is about everything the people, the ambiance and the coffee itself.

It is hard to decide what makes coffee tasty. Was it tasty because it was brewed till the right point, the froth was just right. OR was it because you love the person who made it, or the people you are with.

And you don’t mind that the sugar is just a little more than you prefer or it is not strong enough. To have coffee with someone is a good way to gauge how much you love them.

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