Friday, May 14, 2010

Hotel Kalpana, Manali, Review

Hotel kalpana is a little away from the buzz of the town and hence offers the calm you came searching for. The view from the windows is that of the chinars and the hidimba temple which is very nearby. The drive from bus stop to the hotel is 1 hour but since you are busy grasping all the himachali beauty of the place it does not seem that long. Honeymoon ideal. Room service and hygiene is optimal or just tolerable depending on your own cleanliness threshold.

I liked

The best thing about hotel kalpana as also said above is its location. Very beautifully nested among the hills, the hotel has a very serene ambiance. The rooms are not very big, but cosy enough. One breakfast and one meal is on the hotel. There is car facility to and from the touristy places you will be visiting. the room service is okay. There are luxurious cottages with 3 to 4 star hotel facilities. The room has tv with cable connection.

We visited in 2006. And the information is from the time. At the very fast if you are here during the winter, do not ever switch of the geysers, because due to natural reasons the water takes 20 hours to heat. The hotel has no room heaters, except the small portable ones which might not help those from Bombay.

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