Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shoe Sense

When does a gorgeous outfit not look good with a perfect pair of accessory? Simple. When it is not paired right. There is no better way to murder an outfit than by pairing it with wrong shoes.
Shoes are rarely looked at as an accessory especially in India. People experiment a lot with their dresses but when it comes to shoes they tend to play safe and stick to the black sandals. But even women who claim to have hundreds of pairs of shoes can still be found complaining that they just don’t have the right pair for that dress.
To give you a little more insight, the ballerina shoes were a rage a few days ago, but to pair them with an empire line dress, or worst still sarees, that is sin!
It is easy to impulse buy shoes, because there are so many pretty ones in the shop. But the trick is to buy the shoes after you have bought the dress, that way you have a complete unit. You can’t ignore that the shoes complement the dress and cannot be star players themselves. Unless they are Cinderella’s glass slippers!
Here’s a list of things to keep in mind before you buy your pair of shoes:
The Black Sandals: Of course you have to stack those staples of black sandals but be a sport and try on other colours, by which we don’t mean beige.
Favourite Colour: Most of us seem to have favourite colours when it comes to buying dresses, that one colour that dominates the wardrobe. Be on the lookout for accessories in that colour. And if you find something in that colour that instantly stole your heart even when window shopping, by all means, buy it.
The logic is, if you dread to imagine yourself wearing a yellow dress, avoid buying shoes and accessories in that colour, especially if you are emptying your bank account on it. They will lie in the farthest end of the closet, until your cousin or best friend finds them awesome and picks them up. Rest assured, they will look awesome in it and you will be left sulking and brooding.
The Ethnic wear: You will be surprised how well this Indo-Western concept looks if done in a right way. Try wearing the kolhapuri chappals over your regular denims. Be a bit of a hippie and exploit the leggings trend, pair them with mojris and a neat piece of anklet. And if you are not the brand-conscious kinds, raid the Linking Road, Fashion Street, they still have quite decent collection of shoes (and belts).
Knee-length shoes: Tread extremely carefully in these, you can mostly get it wrong than right. But if you are investing in them, they better be the best you can buy quality-wise. Fakes look hideous to say the least. The same goes about stilettos.
The bottom line is, do not buy what you will never wear and keep comfort a few notches above style and you will go long way…

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