Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Raising the eyebrow

There's an interesting line in a short story called "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" (by Scott Fitzgerald) where a small-town, plain-Jane, teenager Bernice goes visiting her city-bred cousin. Bernice receives a lot of advice from her cousin on how to be popular, especially among boys. At one point she says, "You never take care of your eyebrows. They are black and lustrous, but by leaving them straggly they're a blemish." and so on, to which Bernice replies, "Do you mean men notice eyebrows?" "Yes, subconsciously."

Thanks to media's appearance-fixation, the plain-Jane species is near extinction.
Karisma Kapoor's famous transition is every makeover article's necessary ingredient. From the bushy Prem Qaidi days to the uberchic of later movies, Karisma took her career to the zenith just by getting the eyebrows right.
It is amazing how the wonderful line defines our face and gives it a certain attitude. In some cases the eyebrows become the USP of the person, think Brooke Shields, or back home, Kajol. And if you leave out the "mysterious smile" of Mona Lisa probably the second thing you remember is those inconspicuous eyebrows.
Eyebrows are something you cannot afford to mess around with. You can worry what your hairdo will look like once it is coloured, straightened, or curled, but you will still go ahead with it. But with eyebrows you will do nothing wild. That probably explains such limited trends when it comes to eyebrows. There is the "rockstar" pierced look and if you are blonde you will colour them in darker shades, that's about it.
Play Safe: If you aren't sure how you want your eyebrows to be, it will be best to stick with its natural shape and just give it a trim.
Talk To The Beautician: Do not just give off your head to the beautician and let her work on the blank canvas. Talk to her and tell her how you would like your eyebrows to look. If you have an arch that you want to retain, tell her so.
The Ideal Length: The ideal length for eyebrows is believed to be 2 mm longer than both the corners.But to get it done ideally is one matter and getting it right is another.
Reflect Your Attitude: Think of Eva Longoria (in Desperate Housewives,) and it's very unlikely that you have missed the arched eyebrows, while men are focused on the "curves", women only notice the two curves behind which the scheming mind works. Think of Kareena Kapoor's eyebrows, and they have a look as if they have never been carved and that lends her face a childish, girl-woman look.
Break The Rules: The RULES tell you that if you have a petite frame and a delicate skull, thin eyebrows will probably look best on you, (illustrating Wenona Ryder). And if you are a large skulled person you should keep the volume.
But think Audrey Hepburn or Angelina Jolie and you realise that the opposite could not just work but become a style statement as well. So if you think you actually look good in the contrary, by all means go ahead with it.
Do away with the guidelines and discover for yourself what looks good on you.
TIPS: Massaging Castor Oil or Olive Oil on your eyebrows and eyelashes will help increase their volume and length.

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