Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Make a Splash

The rains have set in and so has the gloom. But then why spread the blues by wearing all those greys, have fun in the rains, spread some colour, make a splash! Here's how!

Show off the skin! Even if India's tropical heat makes you sweat all through the year, you cannot risk exposing your skin to that heat. But rains are a good excuse to bring out those halter necks and short skirts.

Most freshers in the college face that daunting task of choosing a dress for the day. Fret not that question will chase you right through the college and also at work. That's when you give up cursing that boring school uniform. TIP: Most malls definitely hold a great sale during the rains, good time to spruce up your wardrobe.There's a great range available for every shape, size and budget!

Work wardrobe is limited. Most people will keep it conservative with mostly trousers-shirts combo. But rains can be a good reason to add a little colour. Give others a reason to gossip during the coffee break. Flirty knee length skirt with open-toed sandals with just the right shade of nail colour and an anklet can do just that!

Or if you are the non-fussy types, capris are good, and the good news for you is, now they come with a touch of glamour too.

Cover up: No we are not contradicting ourselves, by all means wear the halter necks, but just don't forget to hold a cute umbrella to cover your head. If you haven't noticed, umbrellas have become a great fashion accessory. They come in different shapes and colours.

And if you think umbrellas are quite a handful there are just as many raincoats to keep you in the trendy league.

Wear some chunky-funky jewellary. Bracelets, chandelier earrings or just a neat neck piece ithat complements a great outfit is all you need.

Give some fresh air to your skin dump the make-up. Make-up will definitely be ruined in this weather. Even with a little make-up, the humidity will make your skin feel cakey. Go for the kohl if you must. Follow at least the cleanser-moisturiser routine, dab loads of vaseline on the lips and smell great with a good perfume and you should be set.

But for all these things to work, do not forget that one great accessory, your smile. Smile when it rains!

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